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Mid-Week Manna 3/11/20

With everything going on in the world and just in daily life a lot of times we forget about Sabbath. Now why sabbath is important? Sabbath can bring delight and peace to us. But resting and practicing Sabbath is really hard.

I have the worst time remembering about practicing Sabbath. I am a full-time college student; I have a part time job and have two internships for class credit on top of the normal class work. I rarely slow down because if I slow down then I feel like I am not doing enough. In reality though I need to slow down; I need to rest not just for myself mentally or physically, but also spiritually. Sabbath is hard, but a necessity that everyone needs to come to terms with. Taking the time to rest, creates a space for an individual to find themselves. It creates a space for people to connect with themselves but also God. It is a way to find delight in the tasks of daily life. Sometimes we need a reminder to observe Sabbath, and that is okay. At times God will tell you to slow down. I got the flu at the beginning of the year and I asked my dad “if this was God telling me to slow down” and he replied “YES!” Now my response was “I would have rather gotten a post card.” But if I am being honest, I would have ignored the post card. That weekend I had the flu was probably the first time in months that I had slowed down. I reconnected with myself and God. It was the reminder that I needed rest. Sabbath does not mean you have to just lie down and stare at the ceiling; you could mediate, you can read a book, or listen to music, or just talk to God. But taking the time to reconnect and rest is vital to have a healthy life and a healthy spiritual life.

Remember to take time for Sabbath. Know that it is okay to take time for yourself to rest and reconnect. GOD WANTS YOU TO. God knows how busy our lives are and is giving the wonderful opportunity to find time to just stop and breathe, to stop and listen, to stop and reconnect with God and ourselves.


Brittany Gunter

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